Alameda's Premier Youth Development Organization


In 1949, when local Alameda businessman Leonard E. Lee noticed a group of young boys from a nearby housing project playing in the street, he decided to take action. Lee invited the boys to use his garage as a clubhouse and helped them plan some organized activities. With this initial impulse to help, Lee laid the groundwork for what is today the Alameda Boys & Girls Club. Within two years, Lee had enlisted other adult volunteers and more youth members. Each housing project in Alameda had a branch of the Boys Club, and community support began to grow. More and more kids showed up.
In December 1949, The Alameda Boys Club was incorporated as a non-profit agency with the help of $937 in start-up capital. The next year, a 57-member Board of Directors was formed, and Leonard Lee became the Club’s first Executive Director.


When the closing bell rings in Alameda schools, roughly 10,000 students will leave their school grounds. Some will go home to a parent, some will go to an after school program. But many will go it alone—and will enter the most dangerous time of the day for children. Research indicates that youth-related crime triples between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. every weekday. National statistics and daily headlines make it clear that unsupervised children are at greater risk in the after-school hours.


The Alameda Boys & Girls Club is more than just a place for recreation. We provide activities and experiences that enrich the lives of young people in our community. Indeed, the quality of life we all enjoy is due, in part, to the Club’s sustained attention to the changing needs of today’s youth.
We involve young boys and girls in wholesome activities that build their self-esteem and self-worth. We teach the values of responsibility and respect. We empower children to make wise and educated life choices. We give every youth the chance they deserve to have a great future by providing the tools and support they need to achieve their dreams.





The Alameda Boys & Girls Club is the only youth development organization in Alameda that serves youth and teens, ages 6-18, of all demographic and economical backgrounds. Our Clubhouse neighbors several housing projects and numerous elementary, middle and high schools. We partner with the Housing Authority of Alameda to ensure we reach the youth that need us most. 


To achieve our goals of Empowering Youth, Changing Lives and Building Community, we offer life-changing programs and services that engage, inspire and empower our youth to be the best they can, and be on the path to achieve a Great Future. Our core program areas include: 
Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyles, Teen Leadership, Sports & Fitness, STEM & Technology and The Arts.