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Alameda Boys & Girls Club has been molding and influencing youth since 1949. Our alumni, ranging from pro-athletes to accomplished business leaders, all got their start at the Alameda Boys Club and later the Alameda Boys & Girls Club. 
Staying with the Alameda Boys & Girls Club as an alumni can provide one with a community that aspires to stay connected to a place they once considered a second-home. Today, our alumni give back to our Club by serving on our Board of Directors, volunteering on Special Event committees, donating to Club programs and mentoring our youth at workshops through their businesses. 
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Alameda Boys & Girls Club Alumni Stories

Rich & Don Sherratt
Nick Cabral
Dontrelle Willis

Alameda Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year recipients are some of the Club’s most notable alumni.

Bill Goggin
Franklin Carrol
Don Montgomery
Nick Cabral
Bob Miranda
Rod Baker
Jim Martin
Jerry Stormden
Raul Araujo
David Sharp
David Baldi
William Fisher
Rollin Powdys
Bob Childe
Bob Bailey
James Martin
Bruce Malloy
Delbert Laviolette
Don Laviolette
Rusty Bailey
Tom Hince
Billy Boesch
Joe Hince
Norm Fenk
Dave McCarver
Mike Robertson
Mike Adkins
Damon Martinez
Rodney Bunde Jr.
John Armstrong
Ed Fuentes
Marc Morales (X2)
Jerrod Archuleta
Robert Green
Mike Rawlinson
Eric Morales
Orlanda Mendez
Fawaz Sari
Sean Croxton
Jennifer Mina
Jeoffrey Lim
Marjorie Hartnell (X2)
Chris Ve’e
Jesse Day
Showhat Yohannes
Brian Kindem
Nekkole Lewis
Karmeisha Taylor
Jaime Moreno
Jamari Caldwell-Guice
John Hamilton (X2)
Elvis Spijodic
Lavell Calloway
Mykaela Gracie
Zariah Grant
Ja’Nylah Johnson (X2)
Ajaneice Morton
Kiara Wimberley-Orr
Viviana Flores
Luam Kidane