Alameda Boys & Girls Club 2023 Youth of the Year

Dante Mosier-Tidd, 16
Dante, a three-year Club member, was recognized as our 2023 Youth of the Year for demonstrating great leadership skills in his role as Vice President of the Keystone Club, his dedication to his educational success, his positive attitude in mentoring our younger youth and his effort in being a good friend to his peers.
Dante aims to obtain a degree in Psychology and become a therapist. He eventually wants to write his own book!
“These [Club] experiences helped me stay strong through school by giving me something to look forward to, as well as helped me create friendships and learn what I could do within the Club.”
We look forward to continue helping Dante achieve personal, academic and professional success in his remaining years of high school and at the Club. In the Spring, Dante will move on to compete in the Northern California Youth of the Year Competition.

2023 Club Youth of the Months

January              Alfredo C.
February           Omar B.
March                Nebiyu T.
April                   Omar B.
June                   Yacob T.
July                     Daniel H.
September       Joshua C.
October            Nala M.
November        Khamani M.
January              Dilan O.
February            Khai-Lee C.
March                 Luke J.
April                    Cameron G.
May                     Wongel T.
June                     Dean D.
July                       Lena S.
August                Teetao Y.
September         Jiayi He
October              Cyrus M.
Learning Center Youth of the Year, Teetao Y.
January              Blen T.
February            Xiamara M.
March                 Nevaeh J.
April                     Ammie C.
May                      Emily W.
December          Athulya L.
Makerspace Youth of the Year, Athulya L.
January              Etana A.
February            Etana A.
March                Makyah S.
April                    Armoni M.
May                     Nevaeh J.
June                    Soleil T.
July                      Xiamara M.
September        Armoni M.
October             Amber M.
November         Isaac B.
December         Nala M.
Seed-to-Table Youth of the Year, Makyah S.
January              Demetri T.
February            Luke J.
March                 Michele C.
April                    Gabriella C.
June                    Michele C.
July                      Gabriella C.
September        Demetri T.
October             Tristan R.
January              Fiori P.
February            Ricky C.
March                 Ella P.
April                    Jacop D.
May                     Riley G.
June                    Michele C.
July                      Ammie C.
August                Arion C.
September         Jiayi H.
October              Teetao Y.
November          Jewel A.
Technology Youth of the Year, Michele C.
January              Maria H.
February           Nala M.
May                    Chinah W.
June                    Glen K.
August               Derek D.
September        Johnny O.
November        Maria H.
Junior Youth of the Year, Maria H.
January              Dante M.
February            Jon J.
March                Tristan T.
April                    Jo’Vaughn B.
May                     Ghizlan A.
June                    Luam K.
July                      Avery C
August               Zhon J.
September       Khamani M.
October             Ana C.
November        Nala M.
December        Dante M.
2023 Youth of the Year, Dante Mosier-Tidd