Help Us Remodel our Teen Center and Enhance our Teen Program

My name is Ana and I have been a member of the Alameda Boys & Girls Club for the past 5 years. I want to tell you why I was so excited to come back to the Club this year. I turned 13 over the summer and I was finally able to be in the Club’s teen center – a dedicated space just for teens, apart from our younger peers.

The teen center has become a very special place for me and my friends after school. At the Club, we are able to finish our homework and collaborate on class projects. We are able to talk socially with each other and get positive guidance from the teen center staff. The staff provides workshops on personal health and well-being, teen-related issues, and my favorite: adulting 101, where I learn about budgeting, what insurance is and how it works, and other great tips to prepare me for adulthood. We also have a Diplomas to Degrees program that just started to help us learn about college and prepare us for the application process.

The Club and teen center provide me and my friends with opportunities that we don’t have at our high schools. With your help, we are hoping to renovate our space, so it provides an equally positive and inspiring space that matches the great programs and guidance we receive from each other and staff.

The teen center hasn’t been remodeled since its opening in 2011. Our furniture is mismatched, and over the years we have received a hodge podge of donated items that are no longer comfortable or conducive for learning. 

                                                    Would you consider helping us with a donation of to help us achieve our dream? 
                                                 Our goal is to raise $100,000 to create Our Dream Teen Room to support our teen program.

On behalf of my friends and all the teens at the Club, I want to thank you for your continued support of me and the Alameda Boys & Girls Club. Your donation will help us transform our space into a positive and stimulating learning environment where my friends and I will thrive personally, academically and socially. “



Ana, 13 


PS: The Alameda Boys & Girls Club is set to serve 500 teens next year. With your support, we can transform our dedicated space to one we love, and one we will flourish in.